Uncategorized January 9, 2017

Any Drapery Rod will be fine…or is it?

Sometimes when I am with a client planning drapery panels or valances for their windows, they will usually tell me that any rod would be fine. They are always surprised by the vast array of choices.  My role is to ensure that the selection is chosen based on function and their furnishings and what would look and work best.  There are wood rods, metal, hammered, acrylic, resin, and more.  So what’s the trend for 2017?

According to a recent report in Vision magazine, experts say that simple traditional looks seem to have returned.

Companies are reporting that finials have returned to a simple look after years of elaborate finials. Round glass and geometric designs are becoming more popular in the finial category.  Rods are sleek and minimalist, with 5/8″ or 3/4″ rods becoming more popular.  With urban living on the rise, interest continues to grow in the industrial look in decorative hardware.  Outdoor decorative hardware also has increased.  Gold finishes are gaining in popularity, but satin nickel and chrome are two of the most popular.  Square rods and square rings work well in a contemporary setting if the panels will be stationary.

Here are a few samples from Rowley Company, Horizons and Helser Brothers.

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from Linda Principe Interiors http://ift.tt/2i7gmsp