Uncategorized November 15, 2017

Realtors® Agree: Reform Tax Code and Protect Homeowners

Conservative, liberal or moderate – this video shows why everyone should support NAR’s stance to reform our tax code and protect middle class homeowners.

This was originally posted by Brian Copeland, President of Tennessee Realtors, on Facebook.  He writes, “How is it possible for REALTORS to reach across all aisles (liberal, moderate, conservative) and come together on an issue? Easy. Check out the reasons these three very different minded REALTORS are answering the Tax Reform call for action. As Bob says in this video, “The budget was passed last night at midnight. The game is on today. You better pushin’ buttons!” Answer the call here…now! Thanks #teampurple Leigh Thomas Brown, Mabél Guzmán, and Bob Turner for sharing.”